Truck Wash/Tanker Cleaning

SEMIWASHIn an ever-changing industry, ChemStation meets the needs of the vehicle cleaning market with quality products that are custom-formulated to meet exacting specifications for truck washing and tanker cleaning.

Tanker cleaning needs, both internal and external, are met with the following options:

  • Detergents, pre-solves, acid brighteners, degreasers, tote cleaners, odor control
  • One- and two-step applications
  • Low-foam products
  • Cab and trailer cleaning

Industrial automatic and manual truck, bus, railcar, and heavy equipment washes include:

  • Low- and high-foam presoaks
  • Foaming soap for wands
  • Foam brush system
  • High-foaming friction soap
  • Wheel/tire cleaner
  • Rinse/drying agents
  • Windshield cleaning fluid

ChemStation offers a wide variety of chemical air fresheners, encapsulants and deodorizers to rid vehicle interiors of unwanted aromas as well as custom-formulated products to clean upholstery, carpet, and other interior surfaces of vehicles.