Meat Processing

108614534To meet the specialized needs of slaughtering and meat processing facilities, ChemStation manufactures and supplies the following:

  • Water-based, biodegradable blends of synthetic industrial detergents, emulsifiers, and wetting agents.
  • Distinct surfactant packages able to accommodate a wide range of foam characteristics to meet your industrial cleaning needs.
  • Unique chemical blends that are safe to use on polycarbonate plastics, aluminum and other soft metals.
  • Easy-to-use concentrates that do not require supplementary water conditioners or other additives.

A full line of customized alkaline cleaners, degreasers, foaming detergents, acid cleaners/neutralizers, CIP and COP products is available. Our inventory of industrial detergents and environmentally friendly chemicals also includes smokehouse/oven cleaners; drain cleaners; floor cleaners; line, chain, and conveyor lube; sanitizers and disinfectants.

Our delivery system eliminates potential environmental contamination from discarded containers and saves you time and money on hidden costs for ordering, receiving, storing, disposing, and handling.